Save time managing your Instagram in one place!

From content creation to growing your Instagram influence, Algaefy is here to help you do more with your Instagram!

What Services We Offer

Do you want to improve the online visibility of your brand and drive more relevant traffic to your website?

Your audience is GOLD and we think you should GET CONNECTED to them and leave the rest to us.
While you build lasting relationships with your audience, we help you manage your social media game.

Let's Go!

How Algaefy Works?

Do you want to improve the online visibility of your brand and traffic to your website?
  • Scheduling

    Keep your social presence active 24/7 by scheduling your posts on our platform and our in-house team will post for you.

  • Growth

    We help you build your cross-promotion networks to increase your page's awareness and build bigger audience base.

  • Content Creation

    Focus on building connection with your audience while we provide you with fresh and quality content for your page.

  • Engagement

    We are proud to say that we have partnered up with Executive Mafia and we will help you run rounds all day to keep that engagement rate hiking!

What We Help You Achieve Through Algaefy

  • Smash Your Instagram Page

    You will have a strong Instagram page with quality content and consistency. A page which your potential followers want to follow!

  • Time, time and time

    You will have more time to focus on doing what you love while we focus on keeping your Instagram page alive and thriving.

  • Get Deeper With Your Audience

    You will finally have the time to focus on getting more personal with your audience; more time to connect and listen to them.

Why Algaefy?

Firstly: we are the “EXPERT” when it comes to Social Media! Why? Because Executive Mafia and us come from the same root! In case you’ve been living underneath the rock all this time and don’t know what Executive Mafia is, it’s a community of influencers from all around the world. They help Influencers build their habits and influence both in social media and real-life. Secondly, there’s no second. That’s all.

Why Customer us!

We have helped countless individuals and brands build their Instagram game!
  • Fairuz Humaira / @glowgirlgrow

    Hesitant at first, but now I rely on them! Algaefy knows the social media game better than me when it comes to making contents and growing my account. I'll just leave it to the expert

  • Sohaab Patel / @allstarmentor

    I can definitely say I am really proud based on not only the way they communicate professionally with me but also that I never have a issue on my engagement rounds. I tend to hassle them at any given time and they still take care of me and treat me with love. Not only is this service pricing a bit competitive but the trust and consistency is always there. I definitely will be using there services and will never switch!

Bring it on!